Breaking news: we're closed ... but still awesome !!!

With a lot of regrets in our hearts, after a lot of deliberation and reconsideration, after practical attempts with all kinds of anti-corona measures, we keep our shop door closed. After all, we cannot sufficiently guarantee you the safety that we also want for our family.
Rings and all kinds of fun trinkets must of course be grabbed and admired from all sides before they conquer your heart. In practice, this invariably ensures a complete disinfection of countless items after every visit ... moreover, the space does not work with our personal approach to keep a distance of one and a half meters.
The door is literally forced to stay closed ...
But figuratively the distance is getting smaller than in the last lock-down period ...
FOR from tomorrow we will again go to our workshop_atelier_winkel, where you will frequently see us actively. Even without entering, you will be able to watch our activities from Overbekeplein. We do our best to present new products in the display case so that you can window shop to your heart's content.
We will gladly receive you by appointment, because then we can prepare everything nicely and take the necessary measures safely and without haste and urgency. This way we can provide everyone with a safe shopping experience.
In addition, we FINALLY decided to set up the online web store.
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This way, our virtual doors will always be open to you 24/7.
See you soon ... by appointment OR here to